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 Detoxifiy Foot Soak

Box of 4 Packages (Good for 4 individual foot soaks)


Price Per Unit: $6.00

4 Packages/Soaks per Unit


Busy schedules dont always allow us to slip away for an hour-long soak in the bathtub some days, but how about a quick stress relieving detoxifying foot soak?


Affordably Beautiful Detoxifying Foot Soak is a great muscle reliever and quick relaxation. Our foot soak takes just minutes to set up to enjoy and can be used anywhere in the house. You can slip in a foot bath while working at the computer, watching TV, or even hanging out in the living room.




Detoxifying Foot Soak

  • Fill a foot basin with warm water, enough to cover feet and ankles.

    Add one package of Affordably Beautiful Detox Foot Soak.

    Place feet in foot basin and soak for them 20-30 minutes.

    Remove feet from foot basin and pat them dry thouroughly.

    Apply foot moisturizing lotion/cream.

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