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Do you have sweaty toes or foot odor? Don't worry we wont tell! This is the All-Natural Product just for you!


Brand: Affordably Beautiful

Usage: Foot or Shoe Powder


Foot odor is caused by warm, sweaty feet & bacteria. Bacteria can grow in the warm, damp environment created by your feet in shoes and continue to thrive even in the closet. 

Affordably Beautiful All-Natural Foot & Shoe Powder helps eliminate foot smell, kill foot bacteria and create an environment that prevents their growth.


This powder is a neutralizer by the alkaline present to help the acidic sweat feet produce and absorbs sweat that is left behind that creates the smell from your feet.


The best part is, this Foot & Shoe Powder is an All-Natural deoderizer.

Made in the U.S.A.

Refreshing Foot & Shoe Powder (Travel Size)

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