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Intro To Sewing

Educational Focus: 
Sustainability & Entrepreneurship 

Introduction to simple pattern making, measuring, cutting, threading a machine, winding and loading a bobbin, fabric basics and much more.

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Next Level Sewing

Educational Focus:

Sales & Marketing

Introduction to interfacing, lining, hand stitches, understanding fabrics, needles and thread, measurements, tracing
and much more.

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Intermediate Sewing

Educational Focus:

Finance & Philanthropy

 Introduction to store bought patterns, elastic waistband installation, hemming, embellishments, buttons, and buttonholes. and much more.

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The Big Day!

After completing the series of classes, our students will plan, set-up and market a one-day pop-up shop to sell their items, applying the educational concepts learned throughout the course. Donating 10% of their earnings to their favorite
non-profit/charity; including one of
Kelli Bos' favorite - The South End Library.

Make a one-time or recurring

donation to: 
Kelli Bos Sewing for Success

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