Summer Natural Hair Care Don'ts

Just as we change our clothes, style, skin care products, nail polish hue; your hair care regimen needs to change too. During the summer time natural hair tends to be dry and brittle which means moisture, moisture and more moisture is needed to protect that natural sexy curl.

Below are some Summer hair care tips to remember not to do to help protect that lushes curl of yours:

1. Tight hairstyles is a no no: Wearing tight hairstyles and pony tails in the summer is never a good thing. The hair is already fragile and pulling it in one direction leaves you will split ends and hair damage. Look for natural breathable hairstyles for your new summer regimen.

2.Put down all the hot tools: Okay, so we should all know that the sun is bad for hair in general, but in the summer time those natural curls are prone to damage more just by the sun rays. Adding any hot tools such as a blow dryer or flat iron is making things worst. Embrace those natural curl and leave the heat for the cold days.

3. Chlorine and natural hair, say what: Chlorine can always damage hair no matter if it natural or not. During the summer time natural hair tends to be dry and more absorbent if not moisturized daily and properly. To protect your hair give it a good rinse before and after that dip in the deep blue sea and don't forget to apply a deep moisturizing leave-in conditioner or oil.

4. Over washing your hair: While it’s lovely to take a shower after a long hot day, one sure way to damage your hair is by shampooing too often. To strengthen hair and prevent greasiness, try just rinsing it with water. Sometimes shampoos can act as a hair stripper that will remove all moisture and oils from the hair strand; conditioner should be your hair new best friend.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

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