Give your nails some tlc

Whether it's your hands or feet, your nails always need tender loving care. Experience stronger manicured nails by applying:

1. Cuticle care oils and serums

2. Primers

3. Base coats

4. Finishers

5. Top coats

Cuticle Care Oils & Serums: Before and after a manicure, hydrate your cuticles with a cuticle oil or serum. Just as our skin needs moisturizing so does our nails. Adding a cuticle oil leave a nice frame for applying that fresh new nail lacquer.

Primers: This will be your nails new best friend when applying a smooth coat of nail lacquer. Primer is also known as ridge filler; this will give your nails the tender loving care they need by filling in the visible imperfections and ridges. Primer is applied under the nail color to prevent breakage and peeling and leaving a smooth surface to work with.

Base Coats: The foundation! Base coats are designed to create the ideal foundation for color adhesion and extending the life of any manicure. A good base coat helps bond the nail polish to the nail surface while protecting the nail from stains that may be caused by lacquer.

Finishers: The last impression is just as important as the first one! Finishers, protect nails from dents and smudges during the drying process. This can be used as a final step if a top coat is not desired.

Top Coats: After applying two coats of your favorite nail color, choose a top coat to seal, add shine and protect your manicure. Top coats come in many different varieties, whether you’re going for a quick-dry gloss, an anti-chip barrier or a soft-touch matte finish for that extra effect.

These five things are just a few quick tips to keep your nails strong and healthy. Later in another blog we will discuss a few treatments that can be done right at home or during your manicure service.

Keep calm and paint your nails!

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