Cucumber Facial Peel

Let alone a facial is the best treatment your skin can have, but a cucumber facial peel is that extra touch to a super cooling facial.

The cucumber facial peel gently peels away the impurities that can cause your skin to be rough, dull and dry. Some Cucumber peels are just as what it say "Cucumber", but then there are others that have aloe. The Peels with aloe help sooth the face while moisturizing and ensuring that the skin is left soft and silky smooth.

Cucumber alone clarifies and renews the entire face including around the eyes. The flesh of a cucumber is mostly water but contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid. These acids help sooth the skin and reduce swelling around the face.

Around the eyes cucumbers are often used for dark circles under the eyes. The effect of skin lightening makes the skin appear youthful and glowing. The two acids that are in cucumbers are released and help bring down the water retention around the eyes, helps with burns and dermatitis.

Peels with aloe adds the extra benefits that your skin may be looking for. Aloe on the skin helps moisturize, accelerate healing, reduce acne, help aging and lighten blemishes.

Clients often ask what is the difference between our facial peels and mask. Peels eat away at the top layer of the skin, which is the layer we can all physically see. This allows the fresh new layer of skin underneath the be revealed. Once the dead skin/outer layer is gone the skin underneath is brighter and smoother. Peels are usually meant to get rid of flaky skin and leaving it smooth without drying the skin.

Thinking about getting a facial? Try the cucumber facial peel and tell me your thoughts.

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