Powder vs. Liquid Foundation

Have you ever looked at someone or even yourself that is made up with make up but get up close and think wow you can see the grain of foundation?

People often ask what is the different between powder and liquid foundation? How is it applies? How do you know when it just enough?

Well before we answer those questions in our next blog, lets talk about the difference between powder and liquid foundation.

The main difference between powder and liquid foundation is the level of coverage. Liquid has the largest range of coverage compared to powder foundation; but the choice between powder and liquid is usually a personal preference and skin type.

A popular question always asked is which one is better, powder or liquid foundation.

To answer the question, powder foundation is the best for skin wise but for coverage, liquid is better. So, there is really not one that is better than the other but they can be used hand and hand if concealer is not available at the moment.

Powder foundation is best for people that have oily, combination, sensitive or acne prone skin. In general, powder foundation will not clog the pores due to it's just that "powder" and it does not contain emollients and oils. Powder foundation has oil absorbing properties which helps with that face shine and glow that appears through out the day.

When choosing a powder foundation look for the best brand that uses mineral based powders; which have SPF properties and a smoother finish on the face. Be careful of talc base powder foundations. These foundations tend to have a chalky dull look but also accentuate the lines and wrinkles that may be on the face.

As for liquid foundation, they are great for normal and dry skin types. Liquid foundation has few benefits to them but again it is a personal preference on which is better, powder or liquid foundation.

Liquid foundation provides excellent coverage and also helps fill in fine line, wrinkles and large pores to look less noticeable. When choosing a liquid foundation, look for ones that have SPF to protect the skin and are lightweight to not clog pores and allow the face to breathe throughout the day.

Which one do you mainly prefer? Would you like to give them both a try. Well, One Stop To Fabulous has Make-Up Application as a service! Book your appointment today and get help from out experts on which is best for you!

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