Client Etiquette: How late is too late?

One Stop To Fabulous has had plenty of conversations with fellow stylist and salon owners about what frustrates them at work. Some people are just plain out rude and no doubt about it, while other clients are a pleasure to have. But One Stop To Fabulous feels that clients are unaware of their behavior and what is expected as a client at a salon. None of these points are meant to point anyone out but to inform fellow clients and help create the best experience possible for you as the client and as well as salon staff.

How late is too late?

Everyone should take in to consideration that stylist have an appointment book to follow to give every client the time and experience they deserve. Arriving 20-25 minutes late to your appointment is unacceptable. Running late creates a delay for each clients appointment that follows after yours and is not fair to the clients that show up on time.

As we all know everyone has those days where they may be a little late. Showing up 15 minutes or less is acceptable but a courtesy call should be made to the salon receptionist/ stylist informing them how much longer until you arrive for your appointment. This allows stylist to adjust their day/schedule accordingly for all clients.

If you are running more than 30 minutes late you are cutting into your salon service time scheduled, as well as other clients appointment that are scheduled after yours. Don't always expect your stylist/salon receptionist to sort things out for you. Running late is still your late, It is only fair that you give an option to reschedule your appointment to a later time available or another day. Respect everyone's time involved and all appointment will run smoothly.

Look for our next Client Etiquette topic: Bringing other people with you to your appointment.

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