Client Etiquette: Don't Squeeze Yourself In

One Stop To Fabulous has had plenty of conversations with fellow stylist and salon owners about what frustrates them at work. Some people are just plain out rude and no doubt about it, while other clients are a pleasure to have. But One Stop To Fabulous feels that clients are unaware of their behavior and what is expected as a client at a salon. None of these points are meant to point anyone out but to inform fellow clients and help create the best experience possible for you as the client, as well as salon staff.

Don't Squeeze Yourself In At The Last Minute:

It's okay to ask the same day can you get a last minute appointment with your stylist, but what is not okay is to get upset when there is no available time. As a client you may feel like you are special and are required to get any appointment you request ,but news flash, you are not the only client. Stylist/salon receptionist will do their best to squeeze you in at the last minute for a same day appointment but is not always a guarantee. Majority of the time stylist are booked for the day and maybe even the week. But the key word everyone missed is "try". Stylist/salon receptionist will do their best at what is available to squeeze you in.

We all may have those last minute meetings, parties, functions, etc. some point in our lives but its plain simple when a stylist says they do not have any available time for your last minute appointment then they DO NOT have any available time for you LAST MINUTE appointment.

To make sure you get the appointments you need for a particular date be sure to book your appointments in advance. Not always will you be able to get a last minute appointment. Early is the best way to go.

Look for our next Client Etiquette topic: Talking on the phone is not okay.

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