Client Etiquette: Talking On The Phone Is A No

One Stop To Fabulous has had plenty of conversations with fellow stylist and salon owners about what frustrates them at work. Some people are just plain out rude and no doubt about it, while other clients are a pleasure to have. But One Stop To Fabulous feels that clients are unaware of their behavior and what is expected as a client at a salon. None of these points are meant to point anyone out but to inform fellow clients and help create the best experience possible for you as the client, as well as salon staff.

Talking On The Phone Is Not Okay:

Talking on the phone is okay for a phone meeting you need to have once in a blue moon, a quick chat with family/friends and even texting during your service is fine but talking on the phone the entire time is just straight rude. Almost 100 percent of the time the phone will be in a stylist way. From the shampoo sink to the salon chair a stylist need the area around your head and face to be clear of anything such as a cell phone.

Talking on the phone while a stylist is trying to work makes it very difficult and changes the dynamics of the whole service experience. Majority of stylists pet peeve is cell phones during shampoo service. Stylist are trying to shampoo your hair as well as relax you for a quick period of time. In case you do not know stylist have a lot to pay attention to beside your hair such as: your ears, your clothes, your skin, ect. and the last thing they would like to worry about is trying no to get your phone wet while it is to your ear in the SHAMPOO BOWL.

When you have a salon service, try to keep your cell phone talking to a minimum and be aware of your surroundings not everyone in the salon receiving or service would like to listen to your loud conversation that could have waited for after your service was done.

Look for our next Client Etiquette topic: Bringing pets to the salon.

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