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Beginner Make-Up

Topics include but not limited to finding the correct foundation, shades and brushes; along with applying make-up correctly and evenly.Teaching you proper skincare, basic application and an everyday day look.

90 Minutes $50 per person

Less is More

Make-up Class for teen girls ages 12-15. Topics will include everything from basic skincare treatments to natural makeup application while teaching your teen techniques on keeping skin clean and clear and makeup simple and fresh. Beauty comes from within, less is more!

80 Minutes $40 Per Teen

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Kids Hairstyling

Learn to style your child's hair with ease. Does your child not sit still or want to get her hair done? Do you not have enough time in the morning before work or school? This is the class for you! You will learn how to time manage hairstyling, create cute hairstyles that you and your beautiful child would love that are quick and easy. As well as, what are a few good products for your child hair texture, how to properly comb out those beautiful curls, wet and dry styling the hair, along with a few other tips and tricks. 60 minute $80 per class


A class all about techniques. Learn how to style an everyday hair look, one of your favorite looks, an easy travel style and tips how to manage new extensions or color. 

90 Minutes $125 per class. 

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Online Tutorials

Anywhere you are!

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